What is Dandy Blend?


  • All natural, low calorie coffee-like herbal beverage . Perfect for de-toxing and building blood.
  • Water soluble Blended Dandelion root, chicory root, and beet root as well as roasted barely and rye grains.
  • Dandelion root has a long history in Western and Asian Herbal Medicine as a de-toxing and healing plant.
  • No Caffeine, Non-GMO, Non Gluten, safe for pregnant woman and diabetics.
  • Rich in vitamins, Macro-minerals and micro-minerals, anti-oxidants, and phyto-nutrients.
  • Versatile beverage: dissolves instantly into hot or cold water.
  • 1 Tablespoon for a normal coffee-like beverage.
  • Less dandy for a tea like beverage and more dandy for a strong espresso like beverage.
  • Sprinkle on yogurt or ice creams for a dandy coffee-taste treat.
  • Blend in a smoothie or bake a coffee cake. Dandy tastes great.

How Dandy Blend Came to Be


Dandy Blend is adapted from an herbal formula that originated in Austria some 200 years ago. It ended up in Canada, where Dr. Peter Gail, a Ph.D. Ethnobotanist from Cleveland Ohio, discovered it, in 1988, being sold in an obscure little herb shop tucked away on a back street in Toronto’s Kensington Market. He brought it to the States and introduced it to his medical herbalist friends at their annual conferences. They fell in love with it, and began recommending it to their patients.   By 1995, demand had grown so great that his Canadian supplier could not satisfy it. He was granted private labeling rights and given the recipe. Upon reviewing the formula, he discovered that the blend needed more dandelion to make it optimally therapeutic. He also discovered that the flavor could be improved by changing the roasting regimen, and what we now know as Dandy Blend was born .   For the first 10 years in the US, Dandy Blend was only available through health practitioners. At their urging, in 2003 Dr. Gail began making it available to health food stores. Now, at the end of 2010, Dandy Blend is available from almost 1000 retailers across the United States, mostly in local Mom and Pop health food stores where the staff takes personal interest in introducing it to their customers.

Dandy Blend is one of those products that sells itself as soon as a person tries it. Most of our sales now come from people telling one another about it. 
While we make no claims about Dandy Blend other than that it is a delicious herbal beverage with the taste, body, and texture of coffee, the ingredients – dandelion, chicory and beet roots, barley and rye grains- are all respected as health-promoting foods. You may search online to learn more about the attributes and value of each ingredient.



100% caffeine-free, gluten free, 

No-GMO’s, bitterness and acid free.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Dandy Blend is produced for us by Biogran GmbH in Poland, the largest manufacturer of cereal beverages in the world. They private label for over 90 companies on 7 continents in addition to producing their own roasted grain beverage that is used by over 7 million households a day in Eastern Europe.  They use no GMO ingredients and produce Dandy Blend on a line that is used for both organic and kosher beverages.  They maintain a quality management system that fulfills  ISO 9001:2008 standards.

“Tests indicated that a loss of up to 30% of body weight in 30 days is possible when adding dandelion extract with your food” Source 

11 Health Benefits of Dandelion and Dandelion Root

Digestive Aid

Dandelion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion, stimulates appetite, and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines.


This weed-like superfood is a diuretic that helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt, and excess water. This inhibits microbial growth in the urinary system too.


Dandelion has been shown to improve liver function by removing toxins and reestablishing hydration and electrolyte balance.


Every part of the dandelion plant is rich in antioxidants that prevent free-radical damage to cells and DNA, slowing down the aging process in our cells.


Dandelion acts against cancer to slow its growth and prevent its spread. The leaves are especially rich in the antioxidants and phytonutrients that combat cancer.


Recent animal studies show promise that dandelion helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

High Blood Pressure

As a diuretic dandelion increases urination which then lowers blood pressure. The fiber and potassium in dandelion also regulate blood pressure.


Dandelion increases bile production and reduces inflammation to help with gallbladder problems and blockages.


Animal studies have shown that dandelion lowers and control cholesterol levels.


Dandelion contains essential fatty acids and phytonutrients that reduce inflammation throughout the body. This can relieve pain and swelling.

Immune System

Animal studies also show that dandelion boosts immune function and fights off microbes and fungi.

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