Maple Valley Cooperative
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Maple Valley, a pioneer in Organic and Fair Practices for maple production, is also a cooperative (co-op).

In 2007 we created a co-op with four classes of membership: Producers, Customers, Investors and Employees. Maple Valley decided to create The Organic Maple Cooperative co-op representing all of our stakeholders as a way to leverage the strength of our producer base, our outstanding employee knowledge and our strong customer following and to represent investors who believe in cooperatives as a socially responsible investment vehicle.

In our co-op, producers are the dominant stakeholders, with customers, producers, investors and employees each having a representative on the board. Our seven member board consists of four directors elected by producers and one director elected from each of the customer and investor, producer and employee groups.

Our producer base encompasses Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, and the Appalachian regions of the U.S. Our central processing, warehousing and offices are based in Cashton, Wisconsin.
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